Directions to:
Woodworks Unit 7 Leegate SE12 8SS

Unit 7 Leegate is in the Leegate shopping centre. It’s in the central precinct ground level next to Addapt personal training, very close to the spiral stair case (now closed and boarded up). If you find Sue Ryder, it’s very close to that.

There is some unrestricted parking along Leyland Road.

There is free parking available in the Leegate’s car park. Entrance in Eltham Road between the Edmund Halley pub and Car Wash in the old BP garage. This is approx. 50 metres from the service yard entrance

The unit backs onto a service yard which has space in it for larger lorry / van deliveries. The entrance is in Burnt Ash Road Road between Rhubarb and Custard Café and Eleanor Health Care both SE12 8RG.

Public Transport
The nearest station is Lee Station, it’s a 10 minute walk. Buses. These include the 261, 122, 178, 202, 321.

Any problems call Hugh on 07957118403